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This Too Shall Pass

The tears were mostly gone this morning, but my face was swollen up in all sorts of ugly places.  As I struggled to recognize the girl in the mirror, yesterday’s ick came flooding back into my mind and the sadness returned. Thank goodness I had a busy day filled with mindless activity to keep my head out of too much trouble. I went out … Read More This Too Shall Pass


My emotions were running a little rampant today, but I think they’ve finally settled back into their favorite happy place.  I’m in for the evening, dressed in my comfy, extraordinarily soft flannel Victoria’s Secret baby-pink striped jammies.  I just polished off a delicious dish of Chipotle knock-off food, and my kids are bonding over some sci-fi television show. Thank god it’s Friday. I just … Read More Correction

Fucking Around

Jmong Photography I’m just so fucking angry… and hurt.  And I don’t know how to behave.  I want to be a big baby and pout and sulk.  I want to tell my tales of woe and misery from the comfort of my pity pot.  I want to go radio-silent and ignore and become unresponsive.  I want to punish.  I want to hurt.  I want … Read More Fucking Around

All that Glitters is Not Gold

My head was loud with the sound of heavy machinery today as construction began on some protective walls I’ve decided to erect.  I’m using solid, quality materials that should keep out the riff-raff and allow me to build my fairy-tale kingdom in peace. There will be running paths – miles and miles of running paths.  And turquoise beaches, because I find serenity there.  The … Read More All that Glitters is Not Gold


Dicks with authority are the worst kind of evil in the world.   As a child, my choices were limited:  stick it out in my bedroom, or run away from home.  I chose the former, but 2 weeks after college graduation ceremonies, I got married and left the nest for good.   My father isn’t a dick anymore – at least, not around me.  I finally … Read More Ejection

Up in Smoke

Anger is good. Anger is like fire – it’s cleansing. ~ Tyler Perry Tyler Perry was on Oprah today, discussing his abusive childhood. He moves me. His movies stir me. His soul is connected with Love and Truth. This afternoon, he said something like this: The strength you have when you take [the abuse], is the same strength you need to let it go. … Read More Up in Smoke

[We] Became Willing…

I am willing. I’m not sure what that means, exactly, but those are the words that are coming to me right now. I am willing to write. I am willing to share my story to the best of my ability with a hope that someone, somewhere, won’t feel quite so all alone with such great big feelings. I am willing to feel my anger. … Read More [We] Became Willing…

A Different Story

Looking back through the pages of this blog, I see a woman I barely recognize… and I also see glimpses of a soul I nearly lost years ago. I’ve been one angry lady. Anger may have been an appropriate response to my surroundings, but I believe I’ve outgrown its usefulness to me now. I’m ready for something new. It’s time for yet another chapter … Read More A Different Story

Thinkers and Drinkers

I went to a meeting tonight and vented about my Mother’s Day Tea Memo problem, but I’m still pissed off. I suppose if truth be told, I’m less angry at him and more angry at myself that I’m unable to make any sense of this at all and for the fact that it actually surprised me. Why should anything Mr. N/A does shock or … Read More Thinkers and Drinkers

Men Behaving Even More Badly

Just when I think I’ve seen the worst of a person… I rarely check my son’s papers until the morning he’s off to school. While he’s sitting at the table for breakfast, I go through his folder to see if there’s anything I need to take care of. Last Thursday was his last day of school before the shortened Spring Break. I didn’t look … Read More Men Behaving Even More Badly

Old Hurts

Recently, I’ve had twinges of pain about some of the hurtful things my ex did during our marriage. He was not a good husband. I noticed it the other day when I was reliving a particularly awful time and felt my eyes get teary. It’s easier just to be mad. Last night, I finally watched the Sex and the City movie that I missed … Read More Old Hurts

A Visit from the Bully

Voicing my fears about my ex gave me a temporary sense of safety and security. I don’t know why. I guess I figured addressing my fear and sharing it with others gave it less power. But it seems my original assessment of my ex’s mental condition was on the money. He showed up at my house this morning (Sunday) at 8:45, expecting to take … Read More A Visit from the Bully