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Rocking Chairs

Lately, all my friends’ posts on Facebook seem to center around their parents’ deaths and grandchildren.  I’m not ready for either of those events.  It’s so depressing to think about someone my age having grandkids.  Jesus.  I feel like I’m still a kid myself.  But a lot of us married young in Indiana; we were babies having babies.  And then those babies did the … Read More Rocking Chairs

Life is But a Dream

Sitting here, nursing my sore ass and quads, watching Oprah interviews in front of a fire, I really can’t imagine having the responsibility of a traditional relationship right now. I don’t want to take care of anyone, and I don’t want anyone fussing over me unless I’m paying them to do so. I don’t want any obligations and I don’t want to owe anything … Read More Life is But a Dream

Decisions, Decisions…

Well, I’m back to eating myself into a sugar coma and wanting to step out of my skin.   My track record with men this month is as follows: Mr. Nice Guy wants to take me to Paris A day in NY with an old friend got cancelled thanks to Sandy Argued with the one who loves me for the first time and then had … Read More Decisions, Decisions…

I’m in a Bind

Coach has been gallivanting all week, and I’ve been left to my own devices at the gym.  I hit it hard, partly to prove to myself that I’m capable of carrying on with my workout routine without him, and partly to compensate for my voracious appetite the past few days.  (I’m stuffing my face as I type.) UPS Guy was conspicuously quiet after last … Read More I’m in a Bind

Working Out with the Big Boys

Coach is finally making his way back to the gym after a serious injury and some work-associated gallivanting, and I’m grateful to be returning to a pseudo-normal schedule.  I wasn’t the only one who missed him. The regulars at the gym are easy to recognize; there aren’t many of us.  When one of us is out, the others know it.  We have Drago (nicknamed … Read More Working Out with the Big Boys

Faithful Food

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about my relationships – past and present and future. I feel a little bit sad. I want to believe that my marriage to Mr. N/A turned me into a temporary cynic, because I don’t want to believe that this is all there is. I hope I’m just having a hard time opening up my heart to meet that … Read More Faithful Food

Practice Makes Perfect

I think I have a date this weekend. Sigh. Curious, not desperate.Optimistic, not hopeful. Bored, not needy.Eyes wide shut. Red flags yield to white. Firm heart, cautious tolerance.Fence-free boundaries. Rumbling tummy. Unwritten lessons.

Dental Checkup

Well, well, well… I found out some juicy gossip last night about the Dentist. His teenage son recently found a bag of pot in his bathroom. Now that just about explains everything. Getting high at the expense of a broken dick is probably going to limit the Dentist’s cavity-filling to his office chair. What a maroon.

Dental Work

Turns out, I’d rather have my teeth drilled by a dentist than have a relationship with one. Well… one in particular. He’s not very nice. It took me awhile to figure out what was going on. My natural tendency is to expect the best of people, cautiously. Knowing I have lots of my own character defects, I often try to figure out what I’m … Read More Dental Work

Up Dates

Between dating and work, my spare time has dwindled down to a few precious hours a week, and sometimes it’s hard to set priorities. Work is busy in a thrilling, exhausting, wonderful way; dating is sort of the same. While I recently thought the Dentist’s days were numbered, this past weekend brought some strange events that led to some very unexpected (and unfamiliar) results. … Read More Up Dates

Disinterest and the Dentist

The New Year brought a sense of relief along with let-down and boredom, even though my current to-do list could be broken out into chapters. I have that overwhelming urge to tidy up and organize everything in my life, but Christmas bills prevent me from splurging on furniture and tools that I’d like, and my sugar-induced lethargy is wreaking havoc on my energy level. … Read More Disinterest and the Dentist

Stage 1 with the Dentist

I think I like the Dentist. I’ve been saying for years that I wanted to date someone local for dinner dates… movies… impulsive make-out sessions… Six-hour plane rides aren’t conducive to that. The Dentist lives about 1 1/2 miles from my house, and until recently, he lived about 5 houses down the street. Our kids are close friends. I know various members of his … Read More Stage 1 with the Dentist