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My Full, Filling Weekend

I lived a million lives this past weekend. I took a vacation day on Friday and nearly finished all of my Christmas shopping. I felt wonderful and free to be driving around and hanging at the mall on a Friday afternoon, as stressful as it was to choose and pay for all of those gifts. I saw the Dentist Friday night. Saturday I claimed … Read More My Full, Filling Weekend

Ants in my Pants

I want to have a love affair. I’m dating, but I’m bored and want something more. The Rock Star doesn’t stimulate me mentally (or physically, really), and the Dentist, while he is an exceptional kisser, has revealed a couple of unattractive qualities about himself this weekend. I’m hopelessly attracted to a man who’s too smart to “go there” with me, and the two loves … Read More Ants in my Pants

Me and My Big Mouth

I hope I don’t say something nasty – with my mouth, eyes, or attitude. I know it’s not my business; I know I am not a judge. I know that I think I know it all and that everyone should listen to my opinions about how the world should operate. I know that everything I think I know is merely an illusion, but I … Read More Me and My Big Mouth

Readers and Writers and… Men?

I caved. I’m working for the first time in my life with a pair of reading glasses on my face. I hit three different optical stores at the mall searching for an over-the-counter pair. All of them looked like granny glasses and announced, “I’m fucking old.” WalMart had a perfect dark blue frame for $17 that suits my face well. What a deal. So, … Read More Readers and Writers and… Men?

Dining with a Dentist

Last night a dentist took me to dinner. He’s articulate and well-traveled, and, get this – he’s writing a book! This is when adult dating becomes difficult. I really like the Rock Star, and even though I know he cannot give me all of the things I want and need, I enjoy his company. The dentist offers other attractive qualities, too. My mother used … Read More Dining with a Dentist

Late Night Random Thoughts About Men and Music

The Rock Star is bugging me a little. His obliviousness is bordering on thoughtlessness, and I don’t like it. I keep thinking about Mr. Nice Guy and all of his positive attributes – and there definitely wasn’t any problem at all in the sex-drive department, either. I miss him, but I wonder if it’s better for his sake if I maintain the distance that’s … Read More Late Night Random Thoughts About Men and Music

Rock On…

So, the Rock Star had a big show at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park last weekend. The crowd was sparse on a rainy October night compared to the presumably packed house at the Jersey shore in the warm summer months, but nevertheless, the boys played their hearts out and had the onlookers dancing and shouting for “one more song” at the end of … Read More Rock On…

My Space – Put Out or Get Out

Having learned how to establish some boundaries in my relationships, it’s challenging to invite someone to share my life. Previously, my space was his space, because I really had no space of my own at all. He was my reason for existing, and I couldn’t wait to become “one.” I had no Self. I not only wanted him in my space – I needed … Read More My Space – Put Out or Get Out

Slow Simmer

I’m in one of those motivated albeit realistic moods, where I get lots of stuff done but realize something’s gotta give and I can’t do it all. Dating has gone to the back-burner for the past few days. Kids and home are current priorities. I saw the Rock Star twice last week. Band practice got rescheduled, so I missed out on that. I still … Read More Slow Simmer

One Week, One Guy, Four Dates

I saw him Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. And I still like him. His band plays at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park next month. He’s a bassist in a rock and roll band with a very unique style, but his personality is soft and kind and thoughtful. He brought me a tiny rose bush on Sunday night in a gorgeous pumpkin color for … Read More One Week, One Guy, Four Dates

What a Difference a Date Makes

I had lunch yesterday with the Photographer. I’m not so sure about him. I felt really sad when I left the restaurant… I think my gut knows he’s not the one for me, although I enjoy his attention and it does feel good to be kissed. He asked me to dinner again tomorrow night. I said yes. I feel another wave of hormones hitting … Read More What a Difference a Date Makes

Date with Sexy Voice the Blues Musician

The date with Sexy Voice didn’t happen. He waited until Thursday night to call me about “details,” and then all I knew was an approximate time and a town. WTF? We were supposed to meet Friday at 7:30, and he waited until 5:30 to leave a voice mail saying he’d have to push it back an hour or two. I didn’t respond. Fuck him. … Read More Date with Sexy Voice the Blues Musician