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Finally Full

I’m still a little tongue-tied tonight, but I miss the soothing soul-emptying exercise of writing from my heart before I go to sleep.  I just can’t find my words lately. In a group meeting I used to attend regularly, we began the hour by going around the room, introducing ourselves, and saying how we felt in a word or two.  How do I feel? I’m … Read More Finally Full

Autumn Joy

A sleepy grey haze was still yawning and stretching across the farms this morning when I headed out for my run.  It was the late side of the morning, at least as far as running goes, but I was determined to start my day in one of my favorite ways, and since sex wasn’t an option, running it was. The first two or three … Read More Autumn Joy

Filling Holes and Touching Souls

I woke up early and cranked out 4 miles plus 8 x 30-second hill repeats to kick off the week.  The happy cocks announced the new day with loud crows as though they themselves had given birth to it.  I plugged in, worked hard, and connected to my body and to the earth.  I did some “Mom” stuff, and then I proceeded to consume … Read More Filling Holes and Touching Souls

Happy Hunger

Today was tough from the very beginning, but everything turned around in the final hours, and I’m going to bed a very happy and content woman. I headed out shortly after dawn for 6 miles in high heat and humidity.  It took its toll, but I survived the run, stomach issues and all, and as usual I felt better for having done it. I … Read More Happy Hunger

On Track

I knocked out a half a million things on my to-do list today.  Sweet. I started this morning with a nice 10 through the humid countryside that sweated off 1.5 lbs.  Too bad it was just water loss.  There was a time not so very long ago when 10 miles seemed like a walk in the park, but in this heat and humidity, and … Read More On Track

Sneakers, Snacks, and Sex

Another extraordinarily happy day.  It’s getting more and more challenging to write about it.  Miles are down, appetite and nerves are up.  Happiness is above and beyond. I kept things light at the gym with Coach while he did his stack-maxing back workout and abdominal gymnastics.  We talked about times gone by and I drew pictures in my mind and remembered my own high-school … Read More Sneakers, Snacks, and Sex

Bedtime Babbling

I just finished my longest run ever on a treadmill, and it really wasn’t bad.  I kept myself distracted with the Millionaire Matchmaker and just plugged through the eight miles until I was done.  It sure beat running outside in this horrible blustery winter-mix.  I left a window open beside me so I didn’t overheat, and it worked out pretty well.  Visions of Arm … Read More Bedtime Babbling


I’m only slightly cranky to be out of my routines this week.  Coach is gallivanting, and I am left to fend for myself for working out and other assorted entertainment. I decided to move my morning runs to lunchtime to avoid the bore of lifting weights alone.  I would rather run in the morning, but I have to admit it’s nice to head out … Read More Hunger

Just Adjust

Since I’m not talking, and I’m not fucking, and I’m not running (for the past two days, anyway), I’ve decided to eat a little.  I feel like an alcoholic on a binge after a long stretch of recovery.  And everything – all of the horrible eating habits – comes rushing back to me as if I’ve never eaten a healthy food in my life.  … Read More Just Adjust

Racing Weight

Finally, I seem to have stumbled upon a formula that’s propelling me along towards my weight-loss goals.  I feel great, and I’m really excited about that. I’m beginning to view the barrage of unhealthy food commercials on television like junk salesmen at those tacky shops in New York City.  It’s junk, no matter what the label says.  And I don’t need it.  I’m not … Read More Racing Weight

Faithful Food

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about my relationships – past and present and future. I feel a little bit sad. I want to believe that my marriage to Mr. N/A turned me into a temporary cynic, because I don’t want to believe that this is all there is. I hope I’m just having a hard time opening up my heart to meet that … Read More Faithful Food

Finding My Own Business: Family Dinners

I think the generation of Cleavers and Bradys had a secret they chose not to pass on to the more modern, double-income families: making dinner can be rewarding, fulfilling, and… gasp… FUN! Lots of good reasons went into my decision to attempt some regular, home-cooked family meals around the table. Not the least of which is that no one expected me to do it, … Read More Finding My Own Business: Family Dinners