Category: poetry

Dream Guy

Rock-hard everything Emotion-filled eyes Healing hands Witty humor Unmatched smarts Sincere compassion Superman strength Kisses with words attached Hugs that swallow me whole Belly full of fire  Uncontrollable ravaging Tender talking Fearless leading Unwavering love

Sleep Tight

Now I lay me down to sleep I give to you my heart to keep All my fears seem very small As long as you are on the wall. And in the morning when I rise I’ll soar into the clear bright skies I’ll be the best that I can be For I know you believe in me. 

Eye of the Hurricane

He told me he could tell the minute I walked onto the gym floor; I was calm.  He was right. The long run saved me. Coach’s face-reading skills are impressive.  I left my worries and my upset out there on the trail, and today I feel like I can face the world again.  Nothing has changed, of course, as Coach reminded me, but certainly … Read More Eye of the Hurricane