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Week One Status Report

This week was a little crazy with a holiday falling in the middle of it, but it felt so good to get back to some of my normal routines with work and fitness.  The scale is budging at a beautiful rate. Coach changed some things up at the gym to start off the new year, and I’m feeling the lovely aching of my overworked … Read More Week One Status Report

The Sandy Effect

At happy hour on Friday we played pool and talked and drank; the weather forecast was the furthest thing from our minds.  None of us had any idea what the next few days would bring.   The media presented “Frankenstorm” coverage with its usual drama and flair, and I was somewhat conscious of the fact that I should cut the grass and clean up the … Read More The Sandy Effect

Restless in NJ

It’s hitting me – the inability to rest.  Yesterday I ran 14 exhilarating miles through the farmlands, saw a few old friends (and met some new ones), and ran errands.  And I was very happy.  You would think that today, I deserve to relax on this rainy holiday weekend.  But I can’t.  I don’t think I know how. My head hurts, presumably from sleeping … Read More Restless in NJ