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“Arms” I never thoughtthat you would be the one to hold my heartBut you came aroundand you knocked me off the ground from the startYou put your arms around meAnd I believe that it’s easier for you to let me goYou put your arms around me and I’m homeHow many timeswill you let me change my mind and turn around?I can’t decideif I’ll let … Read More Arms

Miles Away

It’s not as good as the Chicago trip.  How could it be?   While I made all the appropriate considerations to ensure the most pleasant flight possible, it became painfully clear from the get-go that this one just wasn’t in the same ball park. The seats shrank and became terribly uncomfortable.  What happened to the plush, luxurious, comfy, divine, happy seats from the Chicago … Read More Miles Away

Always Love

Blank page, busy mind, tied tongue.  Happy heart, grateful spirit, restless body. Anxious nerves, healing lungs, optimistic dreams.  High expectations, new challenges, pure stubbornness.   Love.   Always Love.

How to Write

How to WriteBrian Andreas

Paradise at Home

Recipe for One Home-Grown Paradise Vacation Feeling 1 Shark steam mop 2 or more scented candles 1 bunch tulips 1 bunch roses 1 batch Martha Stewart mac & cheese 1 bottle good wine 1 gladiator  1.  Tidy up house and perform basic cleaning tasks.  Plug in the Shark and steam-clean all floor surfaces.  It changes everything. 2.  Arrange tulips and roses in a vase … Read More Paradise at Home

Adventure Run

I was still recovering Sunday morning from a late Friday night, and I almost talked myself out of running at all.  By the time I finally decided to hit the road, the temperature was well into the 80’s.  I didn’t want to wreck myself again and set myself up for another tough training week, so I decided to keep it slow and short – … Read More Adventure Run

Out to See

A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for. ~  William G.T. Shedd Sometimes we unwittingly become vulnerable.  Like getting caught in a thunderstorm with no cover, we suddenly realize we are in a potentially dangerous situation without any form of protection.  It sends a jolt of fear through the body and we scramble to return to a safe place. … Read More Out to See


blank page deep thoughts few words beating heart  gigantic emotions pulsating thighs tired body nervous mind grateful spirit

Turnpike Tear-Down

The NJ turnpike has been under construction for… forever.  But this summer, I feel like I’m maneuvering through an amusement park on Mars every time I hop on this major thoroughfare. First of all, seeing people walking around is just so strange.  We’re used to seeing a road-worker or two along the way, but I’m talking miles of throngs of people in the middle … Read More Turnpike Tear-Down

Note to Self

Home Away from Home

It feels strange to be here – in this place – where I first stepped outside of the opinions and thoughts of others and began to form my own. DC is spectacular in the springtime. I held my breath as I drove along the GW Parkway this afternoon and felt the wonderful energy this season offers in our nation’s capital. Active people were out … Read More Home Away from Home

Beneath Your Beautiful