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In Full Bloom

I feel so happy I’m on the brink of tears.  It’s a damn good life.   My world is still in limbo.  Questions remain unanswered.  The future is an unknown.  And I’m good.  I can’t believe it.   I find myself in such an ethereal place – it’s so hard to find earthly words to tell the story… Feeling the connection between my head, my … Read More In Full Bloom

Pole Dancing

I was digging through my blog the other day to find an old post about the concept of sexual polarity – the passionate tug of the masculine and the feminine.  My internet links back to the source were outdated, so I googled the author, who has a whole new website since I last visited.   And I found gold. Everything – I mean everything – … Read More Pole Dancing

Playing with the Boys

When I was a young girl, I remember lying awake at night in my bed, going over the day’s events in my mind and counting the number of “good” and “bad” things that happened.  Then I would decide if I felt happy or upset.  It seems so silly, but I guess I do that unconsciously as an adult, too.  I wasn’t thrilled about my … Read More Playing with the Boys

Let’s Hear it for the Girls

Today was… beautiful – a beautiful, dark, rainy, chilly day. And I am happy. I like being happy. It sure beats the alternative. Saturday night I had a few drinks in Princeton with a trendy, smart, very attractive woman who happened to participate in the hiring interviews for my current job. She has since moved on to other things, and we took this opportunity … Read More Let’s Hear it for the Girls

Things That Make You Go "Ugh"

It snowed here last night. I’ve longed for snow all winter, but now I’m ready to plant flowers, wear pastels, and paint my fingernails pink. Figures. March 1 – in like a lion, I suppose. Ugh. The kids and I had a full day of errands yesterday in the area of our former stomping grounds, which included a trip to the mall. The refreshing … Read More Things That Make You Go "Ugh"

Flip the Switch and Turn Me On

Well, we head to Orlando in a few days for the cheer competition, and when I return, I will have the Belgian with me. My life is going to change in a big way. I don’t write too much about my feelings in that relationship here on this blog, except when we are in a fit of disagreement about something. I don’t know why … Read More Flip the Switch and Turn Me On

Meet My Elephant

I suppose, in order to make a proper introduction, one must know both parties to be introduced. You, are you, of course, and he is the elephant. And at this moment in time, that’s pretty much all I know about the big grey beast. I started my Unfilled blog several weeks ago to address my issues with food, because I didn’t really want to … Read More Meet My Elephant