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Writer’s Block

The dream is ending. The drama subsides. What do I do at the end of the show? The silence is deafening. I’m afraid to step outside of the theatre; it’s the only life I know. It’s dark, but it’s comfortable. There – I’ve opened the door now… the sun is blinding me, and I can’t see a thing. Which direction do I walk? I’m … Read More Writer’s Block

Movie, Dirt, Feng Shui & Bali Connection?

The other day I was swooning over the movie I saw called Yes. One of the interesting themes in it is dirt. That’s right – dirt, and our attempts to get rid of it. (One really must see it to understand.) In the film, a cleaning lady gets very philosophical about dirt and breaks it down into some scientific jargon and microbiology. (I’m getting … Read More Movie, Dirt, Feng Shui & Bali Connection?

Movie Night

I just finished watching a movie called Yes by Sally Potter. It’s a beautifully done film. The accents are strong, and the script is done in a poetic rhythm, so my Midwestern ears had a bit of trouble understanding every word. I didn’t want to miss anything, because the story was so philosophical and important, I think. I read on the website that the … Read More Movie Night

Manhattan in December

I took this photo as Guy and I made our way to Ellis Island on the ferry from Liberty State Park. The line for the security check was long and sad. Amazing irony – standing in line to see the most famous lady in America, who symbolizes freedom… standing there, waiting to go through a rigorous examination of my personal belongings… removing my belt … Read More Manhattan in December

Laura’s Birthday

Laura looked beautiful on her birthday. We drank champagne and went to Russia House Restaurant in Herndon to celebrate.

Niki, Ana & Joey – August 2005

These photos were taken in Indiana over the summer of 2005. Ana was 12, Niki was 9 (almost 10), and Joey was 4. They look remarkably happy for kids whose parents are divorcing. I wonder how they will choose to write their stories? Who are they? Who will they become?

Crete, Greece

It would be impossible for me to accurately document my experience in this beautiful place – impossible to capture the charm of the streets and villages, the romance of the land, the sensuality of the strong sun, and the magnificent strength of the sea. The enormity of Crete’s deep history alone is more than the mind can grasp. Top all of this with a … Read More Crete, Greece