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It’s Been Awhile

I decided to take a trip down memory lane and look over some old blog posts here.  I miss writing on Unwritten. So I’m writing here tonight.  Because it’s comfortable.  Because it feels right.  Because I can. Unwritten is like a long lost friend.  When I’m here, the words come easily and my writer’s brain comes to life.  I tried a new version of … Read More It’s Been Awhile


I love words.  I love the sound of them, especially when I hear someone using an entertaining accent that happens to be different from my own.  I love selecting just the right one to convey a thought or a feeling when I write.  And when Spartacus speaks, I hang onto every single one that comes out of his mouth. Words became important to me … Read More Unspoken

Safe and Sound

I can’t count the number of times recently that I’ve stared at my computer screen, overwhelmed with emotion, unable to find words to express myself.  It’s happening more and more regularly; hence my posts are fewer and further between. I’m lost in a world of unspeakable joy. I want so much to tell the story – to clearly describe this transformation and my experience … Read More Safe and Sound

Word Search

Another long, long day. I missed my Wednesday workout with Coach, but I took advantage of his absence and used the time to get my daily miles out of the way.  It was gorgeous outside, and my run felt comfortable and invigorating.  Tomorrow we’ll hit the weights as usual, and I anticipate a very good day. I’m struggling again lately to find unique words … Read More Word Search

The Write Time

After a hard run and a scalding shower, I donned my pajamas again – because I can.   And it’s raining.  And disgusting.  And it’s just a good day to hang out. My weekends have become so focused on running – there’s really no energy left for much else.  No crazy, turn-the-house-inside-out cleaning sessions.  No day trips or dates or anything, really.  Just running and … Read More The Write Time

Shift Happens

The time has finally come to tell my story.  The theme came together beautifully in my mind, and I am ready to begin.  I feel divinely inspired.  I feel open and ready to write from my soul instead of from my head. I’m charged up with excitement and of course I have a million demons screaming at me that I’m not good enough or … Read More Shift Happens

Story Time

Hours have passed since the sauna epiphany.  I’m still trying to bite off small chunks of all the stuff in my head and process them one at a time.  It’s too much to consider at once.  I know I sound melodramatic – hinting about this big “thing” that I’m not explaining at all.  And maybe it isn’t a big thing to anyone but me.  … Read More Story Time