Month: October 2019

Rain and Pain

I heard the rain pouring down the spouts this morning just before dawn, and I groaned as my brain attempted to highjack my 20-miler today. Maybe I could take tomorrow off and do it then? What about the treadmill at the gym? I already did one 20-miler. Is it critical to do two? Maybe the rain will stop later… And I told all of … Read More Rain and Pain

The Twenty Train

I dragged my broken parts and my disappointments out of bed this morning and packed them up to carry with me on this 20 mile training run. I found my groove early on and my pace was comfortable and consistent without too much monitoring. The miles flew beneath my feet like magic. Up and down the forgotten hills of this old route, I gradually … Read More The Twenty Train

Saved by the Bell

I ran 18 miles today, unassisted. I encouraged myself out the door this morning, carried all of my own water, and did not come home to a “great job” or ice cold water waiting. I stretched in agony down to my feet to untie my shoes, made my way upstairs for a shower, and sat on the floor to blow dry my hair afterward … Read More Saved by the Bell