Month: January 2019

Tell Me Again

My mother’s memory flitted in and out like restless little bird. Each morning I had to repeat the story of her trip to the hospital, the virus, the AFIB, and her transfer to the rehabilitation center. She couldn’t remember the day of the week, the current month, or even the year for as little as 15 seconds. But then, as day gave way to … Read More Tell Me Again

Tennis Shoes and Wooden Spoons

I walked through the front door bravely and de-germed my hands with a quick shot from the Purell dispenser. My ears followed the quiet strains coming from the library, and there they were – thirteen toe-tapping seniors with stringed instruments, entertaining themselves as much as the residents with their weekly “jam session.” He didn’t see me at first, but when he looked up from … Read More Tennis Shoes and Wooden Spoons

She Loves Me

I drove back to my mother’s house in silence through the last of the falling snow. The world was still and white.  The Colts had lost the playoff game and I guessed the locals were drinking away their devastation in the usual hot spots. It was a beautiful day with my mother – one I will never forget.  She sat in the wheelchair with … Read More She Loves Me