Credit:NASA/ESA and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI)

I am mesmerized by all things outside the earth’s atmosphere these days. Maybe it’s all part of this painful awareness that life, as I know it, is fleeting, and I long to understand “what else?” What else is there after we breathe our last breaths? What else is there that gives us purpose in the Universe?

As we begin to learn more and more about the vastness of outer space, I question my long-held belief that we were all sent here to “learn lessons,” be “good” people, and end up somewhere in the clouds where everything is perfect, harps play and angels sing throughout eternity. There is something bigger. Much, much bigger.

Sometimes I imagine a cell inside my body for comparison. According to my googling, a cell performs certain functions, dies, and then some of the energy from it can be recycled to make other cells. Sound familiar?

The cell doesn’t know about tendons and muscles and blood vessels and organs. It would be aghast if it could see the relative giant human being from the outside in its entirety and fully understand its function as a part of the whole.

What if we’re all part of some enormous “thing” that needs us to be born, do our business, and then die in order to carry out our role as a microscopic critical part of this supercolossal entity? What is that entity? And is it, in turn, a relatively minuscule part of something incomprehensible in size?

Why would the Universe, in all its seductive beauty, be created with one planet out of 125 billion galaxies (that we can see) with such extraordinary creatures as humans who spend our time working, shopping, and watching television?

Somehow, I think energy is a key component, and I think we’re supposed to both draw from and exude loving energy. I don’t understand the association between planets, stars, and Love, but I can say with certainly that when I gaze into the Heavens on a clear night, I am filled with warm emotion and wonderment… and inexplicable… Love.

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