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Just a Dream

It’s always hard to come down from a beautiful dream, especially when you really just want to live there happily ever after.  Thank goodness my reality is pretty dreamy. Every time I dream it, I fall in love all over again – more deeply and more wonderfully than before.  It’s a beautiful life that floats on clouds and has a fuzzy filter that softens … Read More Just a Dream


This afternoon I did a poor job of staying in Love, and I let Fear grab me.  Fear brings the most horrible emotions with it – rejection, disappointment, victimization and a demanding attitude.  I don’t want any of those to possess my heart. Sometimes I get so locked in on something I want – something that just sounds way too good to be true … Read More Wanted

Anything Else I Can Do for You?

I’m glad you asked.  Kiss me.  Sweetly and gently, with soft lips.   Kiss me hard.  Like you’re starving. Warm me up.  Lay your hands on me.  Everywhere. Play with me.  Tease me.  Smile at me with your eyes. Lay me down.  Press your body against mine and let me lose myself in it.  Take me to a magic moment that leaves me gasping for … Read More Anything Else I Can Do for You?

I’m Gonna Make this Place my Home

After a very long day full of running, eating, and friendship, I couldn’t wait to return to the things I find most comforting – my countryside, my heavenly bed, and a promise of a brand-new week bright with opportunity and happy things. What once brought only sorrow and frustration has become my light and joy.  For it is in this place – this foreign … Read More I’m Gonna Make this Place my Home

Pre-Race Jitters

Another exhausting day.  I complain, but truth be told, I like to be busy and feel like I contribute something for my efforts. I’m trying not to think about the countdown to my marathon; I can’t believe it’s looming now.  The taper is in full swing along with my appetite and my nerves.  My head is freaking out and lectures me every day about … Read More Pre-Race Jitters

A Girl Can Dream

Staring at a blank screen… my thoughts are tumbling inside my head and I can’t find my voice. While I’m quite sure I have no right to be this happy, it remains so.  I’m sleep-walking through this dream that refuses to leave my mind – not that I’m complaining. The intensity deepens, and I am overwhelmed with emotions – great big, gigantic emotions that … Read More A Girl Can Dream

Dream On

Dreams end too quickly; I want to rewind the tape and play it back, frame by frame, over and over again, until every moment is permanently etched in my memory, to be recalled at will whenever I please. But the details fade into feelings – and the feelings are enormous – and I am left struggling with the weight of them. He took me … Read More Dream On

Girl Parts

My girl parts are stirring and waking up after a long nap. I’m not prepared to deal with them, and I wish they’d just go back to sleep, but I have that “uh-oh” feeling that they won’t be soothed with another lullaby. I had a sexy little dream last night about laying my head down on a beautiful bare chest that enveloped me in … Read More Girl Parts

Pure Grit

My run left me completely spent yesterday.  Whenever my schedule says “at race pace” my head starts running the show, and my body struggles to ignore those crazy thoughts of mine that tell me I can’t do it.  At least a dozen times during the 6-mile sorta-long run I was ready to give up.  I was ready to take it down to a slow … Read More Pure Grit

The Cinderella Diet

I’m as high as a kite this week.  I finally decided to listen to Coach’s advice that I needed to take in more calories, not less, in order to reach my fitness goals.  I was willing to entertain the idea that he might know something about nutrition, since he has a body that’s in better shape than most of the men half his age.  … Read More The Cinderella Diet

Steer Clear

The clarity and drive to be organized that led me into this new calendar year have not yet escaped me.  I’m digging into lots of scary, dusty places that I haven’t dared to venture into in the 7 years since my divorce. The deeper I go, the greater the clarity and the drive. It amazes me how all the different roles I play can … Read More Steer Clear

It’s Not the End of the World

As 2012 draws to a close, I’m in a reflective mood.  This year, I practiced living in the moment and staying more present and awake.  I experienced the sensation of opening myself up and being receptive to living in Love.  I know what it feels like to choose Love over Fear.  I pushed my limits – hard – and surprised myself.  I got stronger.  … Read More It’s Not the End of the World