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Missing Chapters

I wish I had kept writing during the times when I didn’t know what to say;  I would love to take a peek into my mind over the last couple of years. I spent a lot of time investigating mysterious health issues that came up out of nowhere.  I fought Fear and often lost.  My running suffered.  I lost weight and gained even more. … Read More Missing Chapters

Fear Not

I have forgotten everything.  All the lessons.  All the ah-ha moments.  I’m living in a brain fog and my wires are all disconnected. My body has been screaming at me for months, but apparently my personal translator fell down on the job.  Lyme Disease.  Anxiety.  Asthma.  Vocal chord disfunction.  Menopause.  The infamous “hmm…” from the doctor, and a handful of assorted prescribed poisons. But … Read More Fear Not

I am deeply loved. Of this, I am absolutely certain.

By the Light of the Moon

The bright moon hung suspended in the lavender sky by an invisible wire, spotlighting the rolling farm tapestries of gold and green.  And as my body floated down the winding roads on happy legs, my heart swelled with the magic of this beautiful evening scene, and I released gasping, tearful sobs of joy in the third mile. The rest was just a lovely dream, … Read More By the Light of the Moon

The Mile

Gosh, I haven’t written here in so long I feel like a complete stranger to my own blog. I’ve been exhausted. My weekly training mileage is getting extremely challenging; to find the time is maybe more difficult than finding the energy.  A 4:30 alarm is about the earliest I can stomach, and even that doesn’t always leave me room to get to work on … Read More The Mile

Trust Me

I trust you.   Cross my fingers, hope to god you won’t hurt me.  Until you do. We hurt.  We get really, really mad.  And if we can’t let go of the grudge it eventually kills us like a slow-spreading cancer.  But between perceptions, cultural differences, beliefs, and basic human nature, we’re bound to feel hurt by someone we love now and again.  Sometimes I … Read More Trust Me

Not My Worst Part

We’re two episodes into Season 2 of Masters of Sex, one of my favorite shows.  While there aren’t too many quotable quotes from the story of Masters and Johnson and their clinical sex research at a time when no one talked about orgasms or vibrators, I heard a good one in this last show. Dr. Masters told a young girl with a debilitating, uncontrollable … Read More Not My Worst Part

Use Your Words

I’m so tired of feeling intimidated by a blank page.  Maybe if I take up smoking and move to New York City with three single girlfriends, I’ll be able to write smoothly about Love and relationships, just like Carrie Bradshaw.  She always has something profound to tap out on her Macbook while gazing down at the city from her trendy apartment window. Love is … Read More Use Your Words


Sometimes I’m exhausted from being so happy.  My cheek muscles ache from smiling and my energy is zapped from the constant surge of pleasure that courses through my veins like a life-giving drug.  Is it a horrible thing, to let joy overwhelm me? Every once in awhile, it just gets me. It’s like riding the edge of an orgasm and feeling every good and … Read More Cheeky

Lucky Duck

I am living a real-life fairy tale, disguised as an unwanted life.   I have a house in the suburbs with soon-to-be-planted boxwood bushes, three kids, and a yappy little dog.  I run marathons for fun.  But I have no husband, and I left my dysfunctional family in Indiana decades ago.  Which, I suppose, makes me not so unique, though I doubt a crowd … Read More Lucky Duck

Just Breathe

I hate that last part – that “everything will work out for the best.”  It makes me think of someone patting me on the back in a patronizing way as we both watch my life fall apart.  The only way “for the best” works for me is if I’m happy.  Anything short of that goal might be for somebody’s “best” but certainly not for … Read More Just Breathe

Happy Friday

I’m in one of those moods again. One of those mooning, swooning, stars-in-my-eyes, can’t-believe-this-is-my-life moods. It’s just so constant and consistent.  When I’m around him, whatever is on my bother list for the day slips quietly into the background and lets pure happiness take center stage.  It’s some sort of crazy, magic energy that I could never begin to explain.  Every cell in my … Read More Happy Friday