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Sometimes, when you least expect it, magic comes and opens a door to a world you never knew existed.  Letting my guard down and allowing my feelings to rush in created the perfect environment for a pixie dust moment.  Well, several. I am exceedingly happy.  I wish I knew a word that meant “happy times a gajillion.” I don’t know that I could describe … Read More Surrender


Sometimes I’m exhausted from being so happy.  My cheek muscles ache from smiling and my energy is zapped from the constant surge of pleasure that courses through my veins like a life-giving drug.  Is it a horrible thing, to let joy overwhelm me? Every once in awhile, it just gets me. It’s like riding the edge of an orgasm and feeling every good and … Read More Cheeky

How Does Your Garden Grow?

I decided to take a little break from running while I heal my body and my mind and my spirit.  It seems counter-intuitive, I suppose, considering that running is usually my soul-saving addiction.  But I just felt like I needed to feel clear again – my lungs have been yucky for months and I felt a little bit worn out. So I’ve thrown myself … Read More How Does Your Garden Grow?

Lucky Duck

I am living a real-life fairy tale, disguised as an unwanted life.   I have a house in the suburbs with soon-to-be-planted boxwood bushes, three kids, and a yappy little dog.  I run marathons for fun.  But I have no husband, and I left my dysfunctional family in Indiana decades ago.  Which, I suppose, makes me not so unique, though I doubt a crowd … Read More Lucky Duck

Just Breathe

I hate that last part – that “everything will work out for the best.”  It makes me think of someone patting me on the back in a patronizing way as we both watch my life fall apart.  The only way “for the best” works for me is if I’m happy.  Anything short of that goal might be for somebody’s “best” but certainly not for … Read More Just Breathe

Happy Friday

I’m in one of those moods again. One of those mooning, swooning, stars-in-my-eyes, can’t-believe-this-is-my-life moods. It’s just so constant and consistent.  When I’m around him, whatever is on my bother list for the day slips quietly into the background and lets pure happiness take center stage.  It’s some sort of crazy, magic energy that I could never begin to explain.  Every cell in my … Read More Happy Friday

Because I’m Happy

My heart feels like it’s going to jump right out of my chest and my watering eyes feel warm and wet.  The universe just keeps stuffing me with more joy than my heart can hold. When I dreamed of being happy, as a little girl and as an adult, I never could have fathomed the depths that Love could reach inside of me – … Read More Because I’m Happy

Just a Dream

It’s always hard to come down from a beautiful dream, especially when you really just want to live there happily ever after.  Thank goodness my reality is pretty dreamy. Every time I dream it, I fall in love all over again – more deeply and more wonderfully than before.  It’s a beautiful life that floats on clouds and has a fuzzy filter that softens … Read More Just a Dream

Life After Death

Yesterday’s 20-mile run both invigorated me and squeezed out every ounce of energy I had.  I lived and died in those 3 1/2 hours. The first 13 miles were golden.  My legs flew faster than they should have, but I allowed it because of the freedom and confidence it brought to my soul.  I am ready to face this race.  I was lit up … Read More Life After Death


Today was a very good day.   I slept in, after dreaming about running this morning’s 5k and forgetting it was a race.  I then raced the real race and I was pretty happy with the results.   Some primping appointments and one-on-one time with a couple of the kids, and today felt like it was a week long.  Now here I am, snuggled … Read More Quickie


The waves wash over me and pull me down under until I can barely breathe.  I’m drowning in happiness and I’ve never felt so alive.  Is it ever too much?  Can you choke to death from joy that squeezes every last drop of sadness from you, leaving nothing but exhilaration and a pounding heart?  Perhaps it is like running long…  All the hurt and … Read More Magic

Time-Change Quickie

I’m plum-tuckered out.  This week was bright and thrilling from start to finish, leaving me fully charged with a pounding heart and a big smile. It’s exhausting, being happy.  🙂 My days and weeks are very predictable.  Some would say boring.  But I’ve grown to love the rhythm of my life. But I do wonder how it is that these routine moments continue to … Read More Time-Change Quickie